About Us

We are a locally owned off-campus student housing company offering the best locations in off-campus apartments at the University of New Hampshire. Our apartments are just steps away from downtown Durham and campus.  

At each of our properties we can guarantee a parking space for every tenant. Yes, that's right, you get a parking spot on-site at your apartment complex. Try finding that anywhere else in downtown Durham! Plus we offer individual bedrooms for every tenant at all our buildings. Another great perk.

We have 30 years of experience in student apartments rentals and provide prompt, professional service for our tenants. Cruise around this site to learn more about each of our properties, unit types, and what we offer. Thanks!

Our Properties

32 Madbury Rd Durham New Hampshire

'The Compounds'

'The Townhouses'

'The Compounds'


"The Compound" at 32 Madbury Rd.

Centrally located at the intersection of Madbury and Garrison, we offer 2, 3, and 4 bedroom student apartments at this property.

4 Main Street Durham New Hampshire UNH Apartments

'Nicks Bricks'

'The Townhouses'

'The Compounds'


"Nicks Bricks" at 4 Main Street 

A UNH Staple, Nicks Bricks offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

4 Main Street Durham New Hampshire UNH Apartments

'The Townhouses'

'The Townhouses'

'The Townhouses'


"The Townhouses" at 4 Main Street

Tucked behind the Holiday Inn Express, these townhouses offer 3 bedroom units.

Why Choose Us

Parking for every tenant

Location, Location, Location

Centrally located there is no need to take a shuttle. You can walk to everything you need! Both campus and downtown. We are right in the heart of Durham: 32 Madbury Rd, 2 Brookway, and 4 Main Street. Best locations for off-campus student apartments at UNH.


At each and every one of our properties we provide a parking space for every tenant. Yep, thats right, you get a parking spot on-site. Try finding that anywhere else in downtown Durham!

No Shared Bedrooms

All our properties offer private bedrooms and individual leases so you are not tied to your roommates!  


"Living at Nicks Bricks was one of the smartest decisions I have made at college. The landlords have been responsive and understanding throughout the entire year. The rent is affordable and parking is included in the rent which is a really big bonus. The apartments are right down the street from downtown Durham and it is a perfect location for those looking for a quiet space right next to the town center. Having a single room and a large living room is also really beneficial for the price of the rent as well. The apartments are clean and spacious and come with plenty of room for storage. My roommates and I were really lucky to come across these apartments that included utilities, single rooms and parking for all and for a reasonable price. I highly recommend living at Nicks Bricks if you are looking for awesome landlords and a place steps away from downtown!"

-Kirsten, Class of 2018.

We are proud members of the Durham Landlord Association

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